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Woman Owned, American Made, Steel Stamping manufacturer bringing you exceptional parts from people you trust

Integrity MFG is an industry-leading provider of quality metal stamping, finishing, and assembly work for a wide array of industries.

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Integrity Manufacturing is more than just a provider of precision metal stamped components. We are your turnkey solution. A partner in the success of your business.

Metal Stamping

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Why People Choose Us?

1.Who we are

Integrity MFG was founded by mother and daughter team Cheryl Wellman and Holly Barajas after purchasing Lindy Manufacturing in 2018.

2.What we do

We specialize in American-made, precision metal stamping and complex assemblies for companies around the world. But unlike many other companies in our industry, we provide turnkey service by managing projects from beginning to end – including tooling, material sourcing, stamping, finishing, assembly, packaging and global shipping.

3.Who we serve

Integrity MFG has a strong reputation and proven track record for providing the highest quality components, parts, and services for the Automotive, Aerospace, Agriculture, Appliance, Electronics, Packaging & Medical Utilities.

Our Mission

Integrity MFG provides metal stamping solutions to our clients by harnessing the power of leading-edge technology, leveraging best practices and strategic planning, maintaining a talented and dedicated workforce and a never-ending commitment to exceed our clients’ expectations.

Our clients depend on us to handle the details, big and little, to ensure their products arrive on spec, on time, and on budget, every time.

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Design Review

The first step of our process is a review of your design and/or prints. Whether you begin with a CAD file, or a simple sketch, we will undertake a detailed material and manufacturing analysis to determine how to cost-effectively produce the part. In some cases, we may suggest design or material changes to ensure that we can transfer smoothly to full production.


Prototypes are an essential part of the research and development process. Any part, no matter how thoughtfully designed, requires testing and refinement. Prototypes allow the design team to thoroughly evaluate and test the part, the dies, and the manufacturing process before production begins.


Once your part is approved, we are ready for full, sustainable production. In addition to precision stamping, we are equipped to coordinate outside services with our suppliers/strategic partners to produce the finished product to your exact specifications.

Our Work

We’re ready to work with you

High Quality STAMPED, precision metal stampings.

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