Integrity Manufacturing brings over 50 years of experience to the metal working industry. Our leadership team, Cheryl and Holly, were employees at Lindy Manufacturing. In 2017, they joined forces to complete a limited asset purchase of that company, to build a new organization that would be a leading provider of quality metal stamping, finishing and assembly work for a wide array of industries.
Now, as one of the few women-owned metal stamping companies in the US, we have expanded our production capabilities with additional equipment and three new locations – two in the Chicago area and one in the Los Angeles area.
We specialize in American-made, precision metal stamping and complex assemblies for companies around the world.  But unlike many other companies in our industry, we provide turnkey service by managing projects from beginning to end – including tooling, material sourcing, stamping, finishing, assembly, packaging and global shipping. Our clients depend on us to handle the details, big and little, to ensure their products arrive on spec, on time, and on budget…every time.


Cheryl Wellman

Cheryl Wellman

Owner and President

Prior to starting Integrity Manufacturing, Cheryl served in numerous capacities with Lindy Manufacturing, including positions in accounting, IT, shipping and plant management.

Prior to that, she held a variety of key positions in accounting, production, logistics, project management, human resources, and customer service in various companies. Working closely with CPAs and CFOs, Cheryl gained expertise in job costing, finance and management.

Cheryl’s experience across such a broad array of positions, and organizations has given her excellent preparation for overseeing the strategic direction of Integrity Manufacturing.

Holly Barajas

Holly Barajas

Vice President

Prior to Integrity Manufacturing, Holly worked in a variety of positions with Lindy Manufacturing, including assistant plant manager, production supervision, customer service, AP/AR, marketing and purchasing. In addition, she served as Safety Manager – leading the company to win numerous awards for safety.

Her experience across multiple departments has provided her with a unique perspective on how to structure Integrity Manufacturing to provide stellar service for clients, as well as the ability to create a highly flexible organization that can effectively meet current and future production requirements.

Paul Wellman

Paul Wellman

Operations Manager

Paul oversees the daily metal stamping plant operations and all aspects of the client’s job which includes many components; procurement process, manufacturing partners, through the final assembly and completion of quality end products. Concurrently he plans, assigns, and directs work; appraises performance; rewards and guide employees; addressing complaints and resolving problems.

Prior to Integrity Manufacturing, Paul supervised and coordinated functions throughout a plethora of industries which included financial services, building maintenance, oil and petrochemicals, and vehicle maintenance.



Integrity Manufacturing provides exceptional metal stamping solutions to our clients by harnessing the power of leading edge technology, leveraging best practices and strategic planning, maintaining a talented and dedicated workforce and a never-ending commitment to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.


Our goal is to make the world a better place by being a great company to work with and to work for. We will lead by example in the way we treat our clients, our employees, our vendors, our partners, and our community.


1. Quality

We maintain the highest quality standards possible to meet and exceed client requirements. We maintain a high-quality work environment so that every employee can do their best work every day.

2. Continuous Improvement

We make continuous improvement a part of our every-day processes so that we can offer the best solutions for each client project. We offer ongoing training so that our team can improve their skills and opportunities within our organization.

3. Collaboration

We strive to be a strong partner by working closely with our clients to generate new ideas and opportunities. We honor employee input, feedback, and expertise to continue to improve our company.

4. Safety

We maintain the highest safety standards in our facility to protect client products. We work with employees to maintain a safe working environment so that every employee can be healthy and productive.

5. Innovation

We make it a priority to research and develop new materials, products, assembly and finishing options to remain a best-in-class manufacturer for our clients. We look for ways to continuously improve our facility, equipment, training, and benefits to make our organization a best-in-class employer.


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“Integrity Manufacturing has been strong supplier for Holland, L.P. for many years. Their dedication to customer service and high standard of work quality has earned themselves a very good reputation. We have no doubt that our partnership with their team will continue for years to come.”

Alex Montville

Holland LP

“We’ve been dealing with Integrity Manufacturing for years and plan to for years to come. Their attention to detail and on time delivery has made them one of our very best vendors. I would strongly recommend them to anyone.”

Dennis Losee

All-State Industries, Inc.

“Integrity Manufacturing has been the back bone of our non-profit program, that supplies therapeutic arts and crafts kits to veterans undergoing medical care. They manufacture the needle we use in our day-to-day assembly of leather craft kits. Without their attention to detail making sure the quality of the metal work and the temper of the needle itself, the needle would fail to perform properly when the veteran uses it. Failure would be unacceptable, as it would add dramatically to their already challenging medical issues. Partners like Integrity Manufacturing continuously allow us to provide top quality products that serve those who served! We will continue to be confident their product is one aspect of what we provide that we never have to be concerned with their quality! This helps insure donor dollars are spent properly.”

Chip Purkey

Help Heal Veterans




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