Quality is an attribute that virtually every company proclaims, but few can define what it means or how they can deliver it. Vague explanations can result in production delays, cost overruns, unhappy clients, and lead to uncertainty in the manufacturing process.

As an ISO-certified supplier, Integrity’s precision metal manufacturing process prevents defects and reduces variation. Due to our thorough and reliable process, less than 1% of the parts Integrity produces are rejected by clients.

At Integrity, quality is not an attribute we take for granted. Our quality is a result of high standards, experienced employees, and rigorous quality control procedures. We meet this quality consistently through the six components of our quality process. These six components guide everything we do to ensure we meet your needs and the needs of your customers:

1. Quality begins with properly maintaining our tools, dies, presses, and instruments. Our team conducts wellness checks after every run to identify and resolve any issues immediately.

a. One often-overlooked part of the manufacturing process is the proper maintenance of dies. We do not just focus on the condition of the die in its current shape – we focus on maintaining the die throughout its lifecycle.

b. Our on-site maintenance crew also ensures that presses are inspected and repaired, tools and dies cleaned, and instruments properly calibrated. Instruments are further inspected and certified by a third-party.

2. We primarily work with CRS, HRS, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, and zinc. The metals are delivered as coils slit to the specified size. We test samples from each coil on-site to verify the incoming raw material and its thickness, hardness, and the width to make sure it meets our standards.

3. At the beginning of each run, we conduct a first piece inspection to ensure the setup will provide consistent and repeatable output. If the output does not meet our standards, we adjust as necessary.

4. During a run, we check a designated number of pieces, depending on the product or specs, required. If we find errors, we stop the run immediately. In accordance with ISO standards, we document all checks and results.

5. We conduct a final part inspection where we re-check random pieces of the run. This allows us to further ensure that we have met our (and your) requirements.

6. In addition to the steps above, we inspect and certify that our strategic partners – companies who perform heat treating, passivation, plating, and other finishing services for our clients– meet and exceed our standards for quality.

Our staff’s years of experience and knowledge help us make the right decisions every day. Call us to learn more about our quality process, schedule a tour, or discuss your next project. As a women-owned, American-Made business, we want to help you succeed.



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