Is there a business anywhere that does not want to save time, increase efficiency, and reduce production costs? Of course not. Every business seeks to operate as efficiently as possible.

Manufacturers often refer to themselves as a job shop, one-stop shop, value added or turnkey operation. Similar in meaning, these terms basically indicate that the manufacturer can coordinate (i.e., project manage) client projects from beginning to end.

Your One-Stop, Turnkey, Value Added Solution

At Integrity Manufacturing, we specialize in precision metal stamping and complex assemblies for companies around the world. We also provide turnkey service by managing client projects from beginning to end.

As we like to say, we take a project from print to product. This includes research and development engineering as well as the coordination of outside services/suppliers (strategic partners) to produce the finished product to your exact specifications.

The Advantages

Not every client needs a full range of value-added services. For those who do, however, using a shop that can manage the entire product lifecycle holds many advantages:

Cost savings

With any project, each layer of supplier involvement adds cost (and slows the production process).
At Integrity, we work with our strategic partners to manage every aspect of your project including prototyping, tooling, material sourcing, stamping, finishing, assembly, packaging and shipping to anywhere in the world.

When you improve efficiency, you reduce the cost of doing business. Working with Integrity saves money because lead times, supply chains, and shipping points are reduced and consolidated.

In addition, by virtue of our long-standing partner relationships, we obtain the best possible pricing for your projects – significantly lower than you could secure on your own. You further benefit by having just one invoice to pay rather than several from multiple suppliers.


A principal challenge with using multiple suppliers to produce a part or component is the inherent variability and uncertainty that can compromise quality. Instead, our clients rely on us to handle the details, big and small, to ensure their products meet or exceed spec and are delivered on time, and on budget.

Our commitment to quality, service, and excellence is exemplified by our IS0 certification. Our strategic partners meet this high level of certification as well.


Quite simply, it is more efficient for a one-stop shop such as Integrity to manage your projects than to coordinate them on your own.

With a centralized point of contact, gone is the need for you to locate, contract and manage multiple suppliers. Also eliminated is the need to dedicate staff time to coordinating schedules between suppliers, conducting multiple quality checks, and scheduling deliveries.

Coordinated project management means that you are free to concentrate on your business, while we serve as the single point-of-contact for your projects.

The Integrity Advantage

A woman-owned, American-made business we’re a leader in the manufacturing of precision stamped parts and assemblies for a wide variety of industries. Our capabilities include producing complex, custom components requiring tight tolerances and runs of 1,000 – 500,000 pieces. As a centrally located supplier to industries around the globe, we can meet tight lead times and ship easily to any destination.

From wind turbines that provide energy for homes to parts used in military equipment, we are proud to have produced components and assemblies for thousands of different products using a wide variety of materials. We have extensive experience producing appliance blades, brackets, washers, clips, levers, seating components, packaging components, switches (aerospace) and storage cabinet panels.

Want more information on how you can improve efficiency and save money on your precision metal stamping projects? Give us a call.

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